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Rebuild 2016 networks with 2018 nodes?

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If you have networks that run correctly in 2016, they should still run fine in newer versions. We've made a few changes to nodes, but mostly housekeeping, nothing would change the functionality of 2016 nodes much.

Your 2018 nodes can be added to your old network without issues.


If you run into any problems, feel free to send me a direct message with your file and I can take a look!

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Hi Marissa,

this is my first post but I've been interested in Marionette from the beginning. I've watched all the Marionette tutorials when they first came out in 2016 and worked on the practice files. I've been going through the tutorials a second time and updating the practice files with 2018 nodes. I came across a 2018 rotate node that doesn't produce the same result in the network from webinar #2, but I can't figure out why... My file is attached. Thanks for your help!

Also, for random networks, is there a way to run a network repeatedly and keep all the variations without ungrouping each run individually, then rerunning the network? For example, if I have a random rectangle network (also from webinar #2) and want to generate 10 variations or 100, is there a node that can do that?



180926-1_WEBINAR 2-PRACTICE_2018.vwx

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  • Marionette Maven


The change in the Rotate node now requires you to define your center point. If a center point is not defined, the object will rotate around its own center. In your case, you will want to wire a Point3 node to the pCent port on the Rotate node with values of x=0, y=0, z=0. 

This change was made to correct the issue where the description did not match what the node was supposed to do, which is rotate about its own center if none is provided, or rotate about the center point defined if it was provided.


Within Marionette default content, there is no way to repeatedly run the network without deleting the other results, however, if you convert your network to a Marionette Menu Command, each time the Menu Command is run, the old results will remain on the screen.

We prevent leaving things behind when you re-run a network to avoid performance issues and duplicate objects.


Let me know if you need any more help!

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