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  1. Hi All, I'm a long time Vectorworks User interested in Marionette since it came out in 2016. Are there any Berliners out there interested in meeting up maybe once or twice a month to play around with Marionette? Drop me a line (in English or German) and I'll get back to you. Regards, Melanie
  2. Sadly, it's too far away for me as well. But keep up the good work, I really enjoy working through the marionettes and learning a little python along the way. Best, Melanie
  3. Hi Patrick, I'm pretty new to Marionette (although I've been interested from the beginning in 2016) and I find it very helpful to go through networks very carefully to understand what's going on at different parts of a complex network. Your networks are really great to study and this one in particular took me awhile to get through. Although I still get strange wire values when cache last run in debug mode is checked, if it is unchecked the wire values are correct. So I still don't know if this is a bug. I do sort of understand the grouping twice as well. But in the process of studying this network I found a small mistake in the horizontal partition placement - you just need to subtract the material thickness from the overall length before the range node as a correction. If you have any info about the cache last run in debug mode question, I'd love to hear it. Thanks! Melanie
  4. Hi Marissa, Here's a pic of my screen with the marionette menu commands - I want to delete the one shown selected and I right clicked on it, but there is no way to delete it. Also tried the delete button on the keyboard. Any thoughts? Thanks, Melanie
  5. Hi Patrick, I've been going through your network and noticed something strange. When I check the cache last run in debug mode (to the right of the ladybug), I get strange wire values that are different from the wire values I get when cache last run is not checked. Could this be a bug? Also, when I run the small marionette, I get an object which is grouped twice. Is this normal? Thanks, Melanie 181003-1_marionette_regalV2_v2018_AUSSCHNITT.vwx
  6. Thanks Is it possible to have an OIP open when a menu command is selected so that parameters can be changed before the menu command runs? For example with the color by size menu command, it would be great to be able to give it different RGB values for the 3 colors before it acts on a set of selected objects. Thanks, Melanie
  7. Hi Marissa, Quick question - why does the marionette command work, but if I run the wrapper or the unwrapped network on some selected objects, they do not? Seems like the wrapper and the unwrapped network should work as well. Thanks, Confused newbie
  8. Hi Marissa, this is my first post but I've been interested in Marionette from the beginning. I've watched all the Marionette tutorials when they first came out in 2016 and worked on the practice files. I've been going through the tutorials a second time and updating the practice files with 2018 nodes. I came across a 2018 rotate node that doesn't produce the same result in the network from webinar #2, but I can't figure out why... My file is attached. Thanks for your help! Also, for random networks, is there a way to run a network repeatedly and keep all the variations without ungrouping each run individually, then rerunning the network? For example, if I have a random rectangle network (also from webinar #2) and want to generate 10 variations or 100, is there a node that can do that? Thanks, Mel 180926-1_WEBINAR 2-PRACTICE_2018.vwx


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