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2D Polygon - Inner Boundaries Crash Problem

Jake Fine


Hi All, 


I am working on building a new drawing from a bunch of dwgs, and running into a problem when I use the Inner Boundaries mode of the Polygon tool. If I click an area that happens to have a gap that I couldn't see, it crashes VW every time. Couldn't it just give me an error message, that would save me so much time. 


I am running 2018 sp4.



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Innaccurate Tool Name
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Do you mean the polygon tool?


I see this too when using .dwg's as a base.  Often the lines come very close but don't quite intersect.  I'm assuming that VW is trying to search for an inner boundary but the little gaps allow the polygon to "leak" out through hundreds or thousands of almost touching lines until the machine runs out of memory.


I wish there was a way to set a "Time Out" on the Polygon / Inner Boundary mode.  i.e. give it a try for 10 seconds and then give up if not complete.


You can try using the Connect/Combine tool to either force the endpoints of lines and arcs to be coincident or to combine them into polygon/polylines.



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@michaelk Yes, sorry. I put the wrong tool name because I was having a different annoyance with the reshape tool that I figured out. 


I totally agree with you.  All I want is a time out or an error message so that every time I miss a gap it doesn't cost me four minutes to force quit and relaunch. 

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It's a disaster. I have wasted hours on this tool with complex shapes where it's not apparent where the leaks are. Wish the tool was smarter. The level of exactitude required for this to work when used in the space created by many different types of lines and arcs is troubling.

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