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Aligning Hatches in Section viewport vs. Front view


I've noticed a potential bug while trying to align hatches associated with textures. I always like to create elevations using a section viewport but my brick hatches were not aligning from one wall to the other in the x,y and z directions. I tried all the common tips (auto-align plane, use world z for origin etc...). It didn't make sense because when I rendered in hidden line in the design layer it looked great but the viewport would render wonky. Finally I tried just making a front view viewport and everything is perfect. The section viewport continues to look wrong. 


Anyway, hopefully this gets fixed with the next service pack and maybe this will save someone some time. It's not a perfect solution since the section viewport has more graphic controls but it's the easiest work around for now. 



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I agree that this can be annoying. One thing that sometimes works is to Nudge (Shift+ArrowKey) the Section VP just a tad. You will see that the Hatch stays in place and the entire VP moves 'around' it. Not a perfect solution but might be workable.

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Hi Cipes, 


Thanks for the idea but unfortunately that didn't work.


I suppose there is something different about the way section viewports "calculate" hatches. When I enter the edit mode for section-in-place, the hatches jump back in to position and look fine. When I exit the viewport, they're all messed up again. 


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