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Vectorworks to WYSIWYG


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I own Vectorworks11.0.1(VectorWorks Industry Collection 11 with RenderWorks) along with WYSIWYG R6, AutoCAD 2005, and Architectural Desktop 2005. I'm in the process of laying out my theater in Vectorworks (in 3d), but I want to visualize lighting designs eventually in WYSIWYG. But WYSIWYG only imports AutoCAD files and when I tried to export an earlier project to an AutoCAD file and then import it into WYSIWYG (or even AutoCAD), it doesn't really stay 3d. And a 2d only file is no help in visualizing lightin cues. What is the best way to go from Vectorworks to WYSIWYG (remember I have AutoCAD) and keep the model of the theater intact.

I might have to resign myself to creating the theater over in AutoCAD and the import it to WYSIWYG (or use WYSIWYGs CAD tools - shudder - they're pretty bad).

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This is going to sound a little crazy. . but I've been dealing with a similar thing. We're using 3ds Max to render sketches and revisions, but VW to develop our master drawings and plates (Renderworks is just sooooo slow.) Our space has been drafted in AutoCAD, as are many of the elements, but I am working in VW. So how do we convert and exchange?

I create the objects in VW. Export them as a SAT file. Import them into AutoCAD. Whoops! The scale isn't saved! So I scale them at a factor of .03935. Then export them as 3ds files. Now there are several control variables along the way. If you're interested in trying this method, I can let you know how I'm doing it.

This has been the best way we've found for maintaining accurracy and keeping file size down. I've been cooking this formula for awhile. If anyone else has bright ideas for other ways, I welcome them also!

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