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  1. I have an issue with VW2011. All of a sudden, there is nothing in my navigation palette. I can access all of my layer/class/etc data using the top bar, but nothing shows up in the navigation pane. I've tried restarting the program and switching workspaces or files but no luck. Any help?
  2. E221b

    Paneled Doors

    I'm just not sure what the process is for making the custom paneling using the symbol you mentioned. Do I add solids together to get what I want?
  3. I'm using VW 12.5.1 and I'm attempting to make my doors have paneling. I've tried the options in the door dialog box, but what I need is something like this from my old hand drafting that I'm trying to re-do in VW: And I'm not sure how do do that with custom leaves. PS: The molding on the outside is not what I'm concerned with at the moment.
  4. Thanks Mat Caird. I tried exporting my drawings while in 3D view and it worked like a charm. No more doing things twice, yay!
  5. The drivers that I just tried make Vectorworks freeze and shut down (by windows) right after VW loads a file or starts a new one on startup. There are little black marks on each corner of the drawing window and VW shuts off. I might roll back my drivers.
  6. Hi, I own Vectorworks11.0.1(VectorWorks Industry Collection 11 with RenderWorks) along with WYSIWYG R6, AutoCAD 2005, and Architectural Desktop 2005. I'm in the process of laying out my theater in Vectorworks (in 3d), but I want to visualize lighting designs eventually in WYSIWYG. But WYSIWYG only imports AutoCAD files and when I tried to export an earlier project to an AutoCAD file and then import it into WYSIWYG (or even AutoCAD), it doesn't really stay 3d. And a 2d only file is no help in visualizing lightin cues. What is the best way to go from Vectorworks to WYSIWYG (remember I have AutoCAD) and keep the model of the theater intact. I might have to resign myself to creating the theater over in AutoCAD and the import it to WYSIWYG (or use WYSIWYGs CAD tools - shudder - they're pretty bad).
  7. Yeah, but not for laptop video cards. Those are (supposed to be) released by the OEMs of the laptops and Dell hasn't released a driver update in over a year. I tired an unnoficial modification of the NVIDIA detonator drivers that work with laptops called the omega drivers. They're supposed to work really well with games, but their unnoficial so it was a crapshoot as to whether it would work with Vectorworks. It didn't, so I rolled back my drivers to the old Dell ones and still have the same text problem. The program works great in every other respect, thought.
  8. I just found new drivers the might work, I'll see.
  9. I have a Dell laptop as I said above and driver updates for my nVidia GeForce4 4200 Go video card are few and far between so the last driver update was on 9/18/2003 and is version . I don't think that there is anything I can do about that. Both of the above mentioned options are enabled - no help.
  10. The 1st Electric in my college's theater is basically a triangular truss on which we can hang instruments on all three pipes. When I create a triangular truss in VW it displays correctly. My questions are 1) Can a place instruments on each of the three pipes in the truss and how do I select which pipe an instrument goes on? (is it as simple as placing the instrument over the correct pipe?) 2) When I convert the truss into an lighting position (before placing instruments), will I still be able to use all three pipes and will it only show as one position on the plot? 3) Can I convert the truss into three seperate lighting positions that I can hang instruments on so my paperwork is clearer? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I knew I forgot something. I am using VW 11.0.1 (VectorWorks Industry Collection 11 with RenderWorks) and I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 Laptop running Windows XP Professional SP2 [ 09-13-2004, 09:06 PM: Message edited by: E221b ]
  12. When I'm adding text, after I click on the text tool and then a position on the page the program freezes for about 20-30 seconds before I can type anything. After I deselect the text, if I select it once again, the program will again freeze for appx. the same amount of time before I can do anything (change font and size, or edit the text). Any help to get rid if this lag will be appreciated (I need to number the 33 linesets in the fly gallery in the theater I'm modeling in Spotlight, and the lag for each new number is killing me - I can't even copy and paste, because when I eventually change the number, the freeze happens). [ 09-13-2004, 08:19 PM: Message edited by: E221b ]
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