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Converting Strings to Numbers

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Hello Marionette lovers !


Is there anyway using existing nodes to convert strings (like the ones coming from the GetIFC Pset Value ... and many others from IPFC parameters...) into a number or Integer ?

Maybe the node Function could do this trick  ? (but was not capable to implement this properly ...) ?


Thanks for your valued inputs !

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I would take the Function Node and use the formula x[:-2] (to remove the last to items of the string, or x[:-1] to remove the last one etc.). There will be other possibilities with other nodes but I first had to search the right ones.



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Generally this are common issues:

1. If you have a String of 0.30000 and want to have have a string output from 0.30 you can youse x[:4]. The first 4 character of the string. If you have 100.45987 you will get 100. with this formula. If you use x[:-2] the last two characters are lost. To Prevent this, you could first split the string in number and digit and then operate with this.

2. Sometimes there are Units like m2 mm m qm etc.

3. Sometimes we want to have prefix like +. - and +- etc.

4. Sometimes there are , instead . of decimal seperators.


The attached Nodes, addresses all of this common issues. Simple issues, but relatively complexe to solve. I attached some node to solve them.


The error message you got is because to substract two items from a list (a string is like a list  '0', '.', '0', '0' etc. or a list of numbers will be [0,5,3,4.5,]). So with a Number of 0.30000 it will not work, this is just one item. You could convert to string str(x)[:-2]. Then it would work. Do not know what mapping is doing. If it converts the string of 0.3 in a number it Maybe by standard makes again 0.300000 in the IFC Export.


You see, not so trivial. I Recommend using the Attached Node Digits from string and try with this. 


Set Digits From String.vwx

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@Thomas Gillioz

In 2019, the Objects by Criteria node has a button below it allowing you to define the Criteria using a dialog.

When I placed a column in my document and used that button, I was given


as my criteria.

If you are not seeing the button in the Object Info Palette with the Objs by Crit node selected, please replace the existing node with a new one from default content.


Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.12.02 AM.png

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Here's a short network that returns these values.

Often, values for Parametric Objects are stored in hidden records - this demonstrates how to extract the ones you've asked for.

Record fields are returned as strings (text), so they will need to be converted to numbers if you plan to use them elsewhere.


If you want to assign values to the object, you would instead use the Set Record Field node.




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Hello, I'm here again.


@Marissa Farrell


I need your help.


I have an Issue with the opening in the wall of doors.

If I take the values of *Door CW*, the result is with e-01m or e00m as unit.

If I split the unit from number, the information is lost. 

For example


9.2e-01m should be 0.92m

1.02e00m should be 1.02m


In my marionette node, the result is 9.2 and 1.02 and not 0.92 and 1.02...


How can I find a solution for that, or where can I find the opening height and lenght of the wall opening from a door ?







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I think you could do the following:


1. Switch off unit in the document settings

2. Or modify the the Node "split unit from number" as following:

',' also fix the issue, when this node is used in Countries with ',' as a decimal separator.

If we anytime had the possibility for voting for small things like this. Please all vote for decimal units and all vote for point as decimal delimiter. 🙂



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