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Martin Crawford

Worksheets Selection Not Working

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I am having a problems with a selection that has the following:


Type - Symbol

Layer - Screen

Class - Module


This works as expected.


I need to exclude a few symbols that end in x


If I leave the option off completely then I get 8 objects, if I change to 'ends with' or 'contains' I get back 2 objects. If I use the 'does not end with' or 'does not contain' I get a 0.


Sometimes Vectorworks is very frustrating as it feels like there is not a lot of testing going on.


Can someone confirm the issue and any suggestions on a workaround?







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I just tested on one of my files and Does Not Contain and Ends With do not appear to work with symbol names. 


Some works arounds could be:


If you only have a few symbol names that you need to exclude, just type the whole thing in and use IS as the criteria.


Put those symbols in a separate class and exclude that class.


If you already have records attached could you use a record value to exclude?


Create a custom Record and attach it to those symbols and exclude objects with that record.


Pen Color or Fill Color or Fill Pattern/Hatch?




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I have a lot of symbols, around 200 (and growing), so that would be cumbersome. I think they way I'm using classes also won't work. So, I think I will go the record route. It's not perfect and does require some extra documentation for others on the team, but it will work.


Thanks for your suggestions, I didn't think of the record solution.




P.S. How to I report this as a bug?

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