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  1. What is the best way to count the number of plug-in objects in a drawing. I tired the following, however it always returns 1 crit = "N='Create Processor'" processorCount = int(vs.Count(crit)) Thanks
  2. That would be wonderful, except the drawing is in mm, and I am trying to convert to Feet - Inches and Fractions that Construction crew uses. Thanks
  3. How can I convert a mm dim to feet and inches. I can do the math and get a decimal number, however I would like to display as 10' 5 3/16" I see there is a FormatField option as a function, however I am unable to find any documentation on how it works. Thanks Martin
  4. I am having an issue when importing Sketchup Pro drawings into VW. All the lines come in at 12 and the fills are removed. I am working on the why, however I am wondering if it would be possible to loop through all objects / symbol in the import and do the following: Change the render to Open GL Change the line weight to 2 Change the fill to solid and a color Has anyone done something similar before, if so can you hint on how this would be done. Thanks Martin
  5. So exporting the scripts showed that the link text happens after the symbol is created and before the record is attached. I'm not clear on they why, but it works. I'm still looking at making them on plug-ins, I think it is a better overall solutions. Thanks
  6. Very helpful, I will read up on Red symbols. Thanks
  7. The script creates around 100 symbols for the different LED panels we use. I'm then have several scripts that create plugins for a full screen. I use the symbols as I'm not sure how I would create a plugin using a plugin and if it would speed up the process. Another reason I use the symbol is I attach the size, weight, resolution, power and other specification data into the symbol that I use in a set of worksheets. How would I go about creating them as plugins instead of symbols? I forgot you could export a something as a script, I need to remember that as it would make things easer. I will try the script and see how it works. Thanks
  8. Strange, but this does not seem to make a difference. When I run the script it creates everything, assigns the record correctly, however it does not link the ID to the record. I can attach the full py file if that is helpful. Martin
  9. I have the following code that does everything, except link the text to the record. It works if I do it manually, but not in code. Any thoughts? vs.BeginSym(panelName) TopX = (width_mm / 2) * -1 TopY = (height_mm / 2) BotX = (width_mm / 2) BotY = (height_mm / 2) * -1 vs.Rect(TopX, TopY, BotX, BotY) #Create the ID Text vs.TextFont(vs.GetFontID('ClanPro-Medium')) vs.MoveTo(0,0) vs.TextOrigin(0,0) if height_mm > 1000: vs.TextSize(22) elif height_mm > 700: vs.TextSize(18) elif height_mm > 500: vs.TextSize(14) else: vs.TextSize(12) vs.CreateText('ID') tObj = vs.LNewObj() vs.SetTextJust(tObj, 2) vs.SetTextVerticalAlign(tObj, 3) vs.SetTextWidth(tObj, width_mm) vs.SetOpacity(tObj, 30) #Link ID Number to ID vs.LinkText(tObj, 'LED Install - Panel', 'ID') vs.EndSym()
  10. When I said scripts, I really meant custom plug-in objects. I would like to update all the plug-in with the same drop-down. Does that change the approach?
  11. I have a set of scripts that all use an equipment model number to work. I would like to know if there is a way that I can have a script update the pop-up choices on all the scripts. This would would make adding new equipment faster, especially as I already have a script that creates the equipment. Thanks Martin
  12. Typically I start the tool when I am already inside the viewport, is there a way to tell if I'm already in the viewport? Or How do I get a handle to an object as at the beginning of the tool, I haven't drawn anything. Does my question make sense? Thanks Martin


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