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Vision issues/bug?

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I have used Vision extensively to program tours/shows for one of my clients. This is the first time I'm using Vision 2018 and I'm seeing some unexpected behavior. Some may be usual. What I'm seeing.....


1-With both Mac Vipers and Robe Pointes, I'm not seeing anything when using Focus, and odd behavior when using Prism. 


2--No matter when type of view I am in (solid, perspective, etc.), fixtures output a flat beam, visible when pointed into the house. Beams look OK when hitting the stage or backdrop.


3--Strangest of all. If I use the animation wheel on a viper, it reacts strangely and then, when releasing it, the fixtures retain something in the beam, looks like animation disk in some and Gobo 3 in some. It will not go away! This is true whether I bring up intensity on the console or from the Vision software. If I save the file in Vision, quit and then reopen, this behavior is still there even if the console is not outputting dmx or is off.


I'm driving this from a Hog 3 Full Boar. Vision computer is a Desktop PC with..


Asus Turbo Geforce GTX 1070 TI video card

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX Motherboard



I don't recall having any of these issues when using prior versions of Vision.

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Hey Bud, I've been trying to break things over here since I read your post. It does look like we're having an issue with focus - and engineering is aware of it so they should be working on a fix. - Prisms and animation wheels all sort of work the same way so on certain fixtures, the issue would affect those features. 


As for flat beams, this one is an easy fix! Just crank up Volumetric Quality. If you have it super low, beams will start to look like paper (for weaker GPUs) as you roll it up, the beam becomes more defined, and the particles in the beam become more fine, making it look much better. Adjust this value to where you want - balancing performance and quality, although I find in my main Vision rig I can just keep it at 100 - there isn't much of a hit really.

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Thanks for the fix on the beams. The focus stuff is odd. Focus doesn't work at all. When I try to use a prism in either the Vipers or Robe Pointes, the fixture acts as if is has a closed shutter in line, with no output. I am pretty sure that last time I programmed this show with Vision, in 2016, the prism functioned correctly.


The Animation thing really has me stumped. If I change the type of animation on a viper (random, forward, backward, etc), either the animation blade or one of Gobo 3 gobos drops in and cannot be cleared. If I reload that v3s file, the beam is still obscured by the animation blade or robe, even if I do not have a console connected and bring the fixture up by highlighting it in the layers window. It seems that the animation blade and type shares a control channel with Gobo 3 wheel, so I'm not sure if that is the issue.  I even tried building a small esc file with just 4 vipers and the same issues occur. It appears to retain this issue in the v3s file, without any dmx input.


Thanks for your help.



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