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Component join tool in section viewport

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I have been trying to work my building model to a stage where basic construction sections can be taken directly from the model itself. So far I have created slabs and given each component of the slab a level within the storey. I have then assigned the components within the wall to end at those story levels (the core/structure of the wall goes to the slab, and the insulation/plasterboard ends at the finished floor level).


The result are in the screen shot attached.


The main issue is that you can't see the fill of the wall past the point of the finished floor. You can only see the construction lines. So far I have put this down to the stacking of the slab and wall layers. This is of course not ideal as graphically it is incorrect. I am aware you can over-ride layer stacking within the layer settings of a viewport, however this doesn't seem to be an option for a section viewport. I am having a similar issue with sending the slab to the core of the external wall, you can't see the slabs component fill as its on a different layer to the walls which are on-top.


I feel I'm close to getting an actually section from the model fit for 1:50 purposes, however VW does not make it easy.


Wouldn't it be great if component join tool worked in 'section in place', then instead of modelling the sitting point of every wall you could just do it for the specific section.


Is anyone else having issues with this? Any suggestions for a decent workflow for solving this.



Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 09.40.31.jpg

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I always model my Floor Finish Packages as a separated Slab on top of my structural Slab.

Structural Slab runs through the whole Building, Floors Slab differs for each (or most) rooms

anyway. If light Walls on finish floor, it let finish floor run through too.


For Slab Wall Connections it is important to set proper Core Setting in Wall Styles.

This works well for exterior Walls generally. It needs more thinking if you have

stair case cores in your building which need to work like exterior walls inside the building

from your Slabs point of view. Even this works most of the time.

But Auto Boundary will fail in complicated situations like where an external Elevator Wall

will exceed your roof and such.

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