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Corrupt textures

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Hi All, 


Having a recurring problem when applying textures to objects in Vectorworks 2018 - See image attached. 

I will be working on a project and apply textures fine with no issue, then for some reason when I start changing existing textures or try to create new ones the image in preview will show lines/weird pixelated images (like when your tv/computer screen looses connection) and then the texture on the object will look the same as the image (sometimes it actually looks how it should but mainly the texture will corrupt too). 


Any ideas how I can fix this? 

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 15.22.46.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 15.31.28.png

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I also see corrupt previews.

And I also wonder how the broken thumbnails can appear on the final Rendering.

Or was it in OpenGL only (?)



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Does the same corruption appear after a full machine restart? Could you please post a file where this presents as an issue?

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I am still searching but or now I found a C4D Material File to import

which showed these problems too.

It is attached at the end of that Thread :




(BTW, how to link a special Post only ?)


Plus screenshots from another Post :



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Thanks for your replies, I have attached a file where the texture corruption is happening but only in open GL (Typically the file I was working on yesterday fixed itself after a restart) but I have had it happen where the texture shows 'fuzzy' in final quality render and I have had to create a texture in a new file and link it in to correct the problem. 


I'll upload another file when it happens again. 





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Added screen shots

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My colleague has just had the same thing happen on her computer - textures have corrupt, but when I open the file on my mac it's fine and I can change & render the model with the correct texture fine... 

I've attached the file - can anyone else see the issue? 


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On 22/01/2018 at 11:12 AM, SarahISO said:

can anyone else see the issue? 



On opening, this file is reported as corrupt by VW and I had to force quit. - Thanks for that.



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This seems like a problem in generating the texture preview. If the preview looks weird, OpenGL will just show the weird looking image because it uses the previews. Renderworks should render fine though. 

When you see this issue, one thing that might help is to edit the texture, tweak a parameter or two and bring it back to whatever value you wanted. This should force a new preview generation.

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Maybe different on your setup. 


For me - beach ball...............................force quit. 


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