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  1. Hi All, A quick question on pallet preferences... Since upgrading to 21 every time I open Vectorworks my docked tabs on 'Object info' and 'Navigation' have disappeared and I have to add them back. I've tried 'Save palette positions' but they still disappear when I restart. Is there a way I can lock these items so I don't have to add them back every day as it getting a little irritatingūüôÉ? (Attached a few images to try and help explain) When I first open the file What I have to do to get my tabs back How I want the palette to be saved Thanks in advance. Sarah
  2. Hi Eric, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, got distracted with another project! They are mainly basic symbols - i've found a way around adding notes now but I have another query... Is there a way to calculate (and display in a worksheet) the total area of a wall if it has a 'wall recess'? See attachments - 1 I have managed to calculate the area of the wall and display in a worksheet as desired 6m2, however (see attachment 2) when I cut the wall recess out of the wall the number changes and becomes incorrect 3m2. Do you know of a way around this? I am trying to create an automatic scope of works which can be exported, showing all the doors/windows, sockets/switches, pipework, walls/floor/ceiling finishes - these with areas (using AREA for ceiling/floor and WallArea_Net for walls). I've managed to create this but am just falling down on the walls with recesses which is a big part of our projects. Thanks for all your help. Best Wishes, Sarah
  3. What is the best way to add a column for additional notes? I can add a notes section to the record itself but is there a way to add this directly to the report so that I can manually type in additional information after the report is created? Thanks again, Sarah
  4. Brilliant, that's worked thank you. Sarah
  5. Hello, I am creating a report to list all the electrical symbols that I have in my document, sockets, switches, etc. I want to create a column on my report which lists the quantity of items, I can summarise the items but this does not create a quantity. Is there a way to do this? Thanks. sarah
  6. Hello, We have been having issues when live syncing across to Lumion pro since upgrading to Vectorworks 2020. When syncing across initially there is no issue but if you go back to vectorworks, make a change and re-sync certain components such as doors, walls and windows start to disappear. I've gone back and tried the same process through vectorworks 2019 and there is no issue, only with the upgrade. See images attached showing doors/walls missing from the model - Capture 1 shows the vectorworks model, capture/0 show the model in Lumion while live sync is on. Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks.
  7. Hi David, I've just tested on a 2019 file and it is also happening there - see attached.
  8. Thanks for your quick reply, i'll do that for now.
  9. Hello, Since upgrading to 2020 we now seem unable to add textures to doors and windows. Any ideas why this might be? I've made sure the class the door is allocated to have ' textures - use at creation' turned on. But we are a bit stumped as to why non of us are able to change the finish from the initial one that is assigned. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. I have attached a couple more images, one showing the lighting I have in the model. I have been playing with the lighting this morning turning different lights on/off and it seems to be improving but the final render is still not exporting in high quality (even though I have the setting set to the highest standard). If I export to another location surely it would not show up on the cloud? Thanks again
  11. Hi, I am new to the 360 panorama view within vectorworks but I have been experimenting with the tool over the past week and am trying to export a view to send to a client. I've included 2 screenshots of Panorama's I've managed to export the first (Export1) worked well in final quality but i'd missed a few things so made some adjustments in the model and exported the panorama again, now when I export in Final quality I get a final render as shown in the Export2' - a lot worse quality with dark areas. I've tried going back to the original file before I made any changes and exporting again but no matter what I do now my render will not export a high quality image. I'm very confused as I have not amended the lighting at all since the first export and nothing I do seems to be able to achieve these results again. I would be grateful for any advice as to why this is happening. Thanks,
  12. Hi Hans-Olav, Thanks for your response, your renders look great! Unfortunately I need the corrugated walls for accuracy as I work with shipping container conversions. Any ideas why this could be happening in some models but not others? Thanks,
  13. Hi! I am having an issue that occurs frequently but not all the time. The models I create have corrugated walls which I create using the 'create wall recess' tool (image1) most of the time I can add windows/doors/ openings to the walls normally without issue, however sometimes when I add these features or other wall components they will not integrate into the wall properly and create a flat area externally and sit on top of the wall make-up (Image2). When in 3d view the window and wall is shown how it should be (Image3), it only appears to show up a problem in 2d mode. Any ideas why this could be, am I missing a setting which could resolve this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, My colleague has just had the same thing happen on her computer - textures have corrupt, but when I open the file on my mac it's fine and I can change & render the model with the correct texture fine... I've attached the file - can anyone else see the issue? 01_Model.vwx
  15. Thanks for your replies, I have attached a file where the texture corruption is happening but only in open GL (Typically the file I was working on yesterday fixed itself after a restart) but I have had it happen where the texture shows 'fuzzy' in final quality render and I have had to create a texture in a new file and link it in to correct the problem. I'll upload another file when it happens again. Thanks, Test.vwx
  16. Hi All, Having a recurring problem when applying textures to objects in Vectorworks 2018 - See image attached. I will be working on a project and apply textures fine with no issue, then for some reason when I start changing existing textures or try to create new ones the image in preview will show lines/weird pixelated images (like when your tv/computer screen looses connection) and then the texture on the object will look the same as the image (sometimes it actually looks how it should but mainly the texture will corrupt too). Any ideas how I can fix this?
  17. Hey mike-h Thanks for this, they look similar to the 3d Cad models I am using currently so have a feeling i'd have the same issue with the walls but might be worth a try to see how they work in Vectorworks!
  18. Hi, Reading through this topic and this is something I am trying to do currently, I have modelled all the components of the container - Iso blocks, frame, floor, barn doors etc but struggling to produce an accurate version of the walls that I can easily cut windows and doors from. At the moment i'm drawing walls using the wall tool and using 'create wall recess' to cut out the corrugated effect, this works fine when I have a wall make-up inside but when I need to show a container with bare corrugated walls inside and out it's not so useful. Any ideas of how I could get this to work would be appreciated, thanks!
  19. Hi, Thanks for your replies, I seem to have got round it for now by creating a wall recess rather than a projection as that still allows you to add a different texture to either side o the wall. I'll have to do a bit more playing around with different way's of doing this but it seems to be working for now! Thanks again.
  20. Hello, I'm new to the forum! I'm having this exact same problem and wondering if there is a way around this yet? I'm modelling container conversions and creating the corrugated sides by drawing it in 2d and extruding it to the right height, I'm then drawing a wall behind it (with wall tool) and using the wall projection to join them together so I can position windows/doors easily but I then (as above) can not apply textures to the exterior wall face. Maybe there is another way I can do this? Thanks


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