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Creating plank style flooring texture


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Ive done this a few times quick and dirty but never seems to look quite right. Im trying to create a texture out of a real world photo of the flooring intended to be used. I create a new texture using the image photo. Seems no matter how I align or scale or offset it seems i always see the dreadded repitition of the texture leaving it looking unrealistic. Was hoping maybe someone could share their method in creating these types of textures.?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

With a real photo, you will almost always get repetition unless your photo is of an area comparable or larger than the area you plan to texture. There are various resource available for "seamless" textures and wood flooring features heavily in it, but unless you apply another procedural shader like Noise overtop it, you'll still get a bit of repetition.

If you can post the image youre working with and the results you're getting I can possibly assist.

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I actually watched that video a few times.  Got pretty close to that but again was looking for how others might go about this as my results were not that great. Sometimes you question if your workflow is all wrong! I attached a quick pdf and the photo I was attempting to use.  Im only experimenting in order to get better with texture creation/appearance.


Bathroom Model.pdf


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