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VectorWorks 2013 pack 5 update

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Hello Forum,

I've been using VectorWorks for a while now and am just realizing there is a pack 5 update for the 2013 version that I have. I'm planning to update but before I do I figured I'd reach out to ask a few questions first.

Does It include any features from newer version such as the deform tool or does it just improve the way all of the old stuff functions? 

Will I still be able to open files I've saved with the previous versions with out experiencing any alterations to those documents? such as things no longer rendering properly.

and lastly, does It alter the interface in any way?

One of my main concerns is that I'll have to relearn the interface. When I was a work study in school I would have to help people who were running VectorWorks 2016 and ran into problems now and then because certain features were in different places, such as the perspective crop tool.

If anyone has some insight In this area I would greatly appreciate any shared information. Thanks!

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10 hours ago, zoomer said:

They just fix some bugs.


Hi @Shaquel Davis


I think the best advice would be always use the latest offering. You may find the release notes help to reassure you on any 'consequences'. 




Hopefully, you'll find the release even fixes something that you've been having trouble with.


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