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  1. Thanks for the advice Andy. Indirect Lighting definitely looks a lot better!
  2. Cool, Thank you guys for the info. I'm always skeptical about updating anything because It often throws off my workflow. I feel a lot better about updating now though.
  3. Hello Forum, I've been using VectorWorks for a while now and am just realizing there is a pack 5 update for the 2013 version that I have. I'm planning to update but before I do I figured I'd reach out to ask a few questions first. Does It include any features from newer version such as the deform tool or does it just improve the way all of the old stuff functions? Will I still be able to open files I've saved with the previous versions with out experiencing any alterations to those documents? such as things no longer rendering properly. and lastly, does It alter the interface in any way? One of my main concerns is that I'll have to relearn the interface. When I was a work study in school I would have to help people who were running VectorWorks 2016 and ran into problems now and then because certain features were in different places, such as the perspective crop tool. If anyone has some insight In this area I would greatly appreciate any shared information. Thanks!
  4. That does the trick. Thanks! you just have all the answers don't you
  5. I'm currently working on a project where I will be utilizing projection mapping to design for a stage performance. I'm hoping to create some reference images for my plans in Vectorworks but am having problems projecting an image. I initially tried putting a texture on a thin extruded object and giving the texture some transparency. I then placed another solid non textured object in front of that, to serve as a screen, and then put a light behind the transparent textured object. However contrary to my expectations the light just shines right through the transparent object with no regard for the texture. I have done some research, and though I have not found a solution to my problem I've seen mentioning of RenderWorks and RayMaker. I'm not familiar with either of these terms or programs but I have a feeling that my problem is related to my lack of knowledge in these areas. perhaps I don't have something installed or my software is a bit old. however if someone could give me some advice on how to achieve image projection I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Hello, I could use some help please I'm creating a scene where I have a spotlight illuminating someone on stage. My intent is for the rest of the room to be in pitch black while only the character on stage is lit. for some reason even when I just have the one spot light activated the entire room still has it's own ambient lighting coming from an unknown source. How can I get the lighting in the rest of the room removed so that only the subject under the spot light is illuminated, leaving the rest of the room in pitch black? I've included a picture below from my scene to show the problem I am having and a picture from a video to show what I'm going for. Picture of problem Picture of goal
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