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"Teaser Tuesdays" - Revised into "News You Need"

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello folks!

We've decided to roll the Teaser Tuesday concept into something a bit broader in scope. We still plan to use them in their original capacity, but because of the nature of software development (and partly because the planet's rotation causes everyone to experience Tuesday at different times, something I have no direct control over. For now.) we decided to detach it from any particular day, and simply share information that you would find useful, when we have it available to share. We wanted to ensure that we weren't merely sharing for the sake of meeting a schedule.

This lets us still share things related to development early on, but also direct attention to items that may have been missed that came via other channels like the mailing list, social media and the main webpage itself. As a growing company we output a lot of information, and we understand that a lot of it may not always pertain to you as a daily user of Vectorworks and might get tuned out. Following this forum will ensure that anything that the Customer Success team and myself deem critical information will come right to your inbox.


All too often I have come across users who were not aware of a service pack or known issue with included workaround that could have saved them a headache if only they had known about it in time. This is an effort to reduce that as much as possible as more and more of our users join the forum. Not only that, but we can feature educational content on the more advanced topics as well, with the beginnings of our new Workflow series of tutorials that cover the aspects of Vectorworks that are more complex and require a bit more explanation than the use of a single tool or command.

Service Packs, Operating system compatibility statements, system requirements, feature teasers, new feature videos, tutorials, all the things a daily user of Vectorworks should be aware of can now be found in one place. We hope this rearrangement benefits you and as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share!

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