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Aligning annotations on multiple vports

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Thanks Peter

You are right about that,

but, what if you have viewports of different scale on the same "sheet" (of paper), then your drawing label will report an incorrect scale for some of the viewports.

Also, it's not just drawing labels; whole blocks of text look better aligned to other blocks of text - same with dimensions.

Is there a hidden "switch" to "show other viewports wjile editing viewport" similar to "show others while in group"?

thanks again


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Mat, Point 1: In the Drawing Label, choose "SCALE DISPLAY STYLE>CUSTOM" then you can type in anything you want. (BTW, I rarely use the Drawing Labels because I have my own custom ones.) Point 2: I totally agree and am very picky about how things layout on sheets. To align blocks of text you might try using the menu item TOOL>ALIGN>ALIGN DISTRIBUTE. Or you could copy the first one, move it horizonatal (for example) then enter and edit the text. Point 3: I don't think so, but am not sure.


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