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So, 5 minutes ago (for no apparent reason) VW2017 simply stopped allowing its polar snap function to use arbitrary angles between those listed in the "Angles From Axes:" dialog for Smart Cursor Settings.  I did nothing to provoke this behavior.  Not even my usual profane name calling or angry glaring contests directed at VW.  After being nice and giving VW a small rest by restarting it and going for some coffee, I returned to find no change in its denial of the existence of angles other than 30 and 45 and 90.  Now, instead of letting me use a nice unconstrained angles in my designs, i can use ONLY those listed.  This is a problem in every single file i open. 


I can turn off the angle snap to use any angle, but, get this... only if Im drawing using poly lines.  (Regular single lines are still limited to the angles even when angle snap is off.)  I have to turn Angle Snap on each time i have to draw a vertical or horizontal line and turn it off when i want an arbitrary angle.


I'm not sure why these things happen to me.  Other people in the office dont have this problem.  Their Angle Snap can use both arbitrary AND listed snap rotations.  Am i perhaps not firm enough?


If you believe I'm being soft... Please tell me where to kick VW (specifically which part) so it will stop being stupid.


Thanks so much,


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If it's the Line tool specifically you're seeing this with, it's first tool mode is Constrained vs Unconstrained which can behave this way. 

If that ISNT it however, if you double click on the angle snapping option in the snapping palette, how do you have your SmartCursor settings set currently? Screenshot would be fine.

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yes. it was the "constrained" button (far left plus sign) that became activated for no reason.  (why does VW do that?)  Clicked "Unconstrained" button next to that (slash mark) and its back to normal operation.  That was a bit frustrating to deal with, but on the positive side, i use polylines way more now.



Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 9.35.02 AM.png

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The "Mode" buttons are mapped to the U/I/O/P keys in the default workspaces. So in you image above, the U key will step through the first four options. The I key will select the Preferences button in the second "group". In a tool that has more groups, the O, P and [ keys will work on each group.


You probably accidentally hit the U key and switched the mode.

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On 10/11/2017 at 11:53 PM, JMR said:

Reset smart cursor settings? We've noticed that there is some accidentally pressed keyboard combination that messes with SC settings. Reset always heals the situation. For us at least.

@JMR Thanks so much for this comment. This issue was diving me bonkers all morning. Regards MH


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