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Braceworks: Right click menu item "Attach Load"


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When I right click a hanging position, I get the option to "Attach Loads." But when I right click on a braceworks truss, I do not. Since I need to attach items to the truss, I'd think it would let me have the option to attach.

I've searched the workspace editor and I can't find the Attach Loads command to allow me to add it anywhere else.



Additionally, I'd like to at a keyboard shortcut to the Attach Loads command.


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Guest Beckstorm

The Braceworks truss does not use the attach command only the hanging position does.  For Braceworks truss to know that it is part of the "System" it has to be with in the "Geometry Accuracy" in XYZ





Hope this helps.



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On 9/25/2017 at 4:31 PM, Scott Parker said:


Additionally, I'd like to at a keyboard shortcut to the Attach Loads command.



This +1000.   I've had to manually right click / attach loads for almost every device on my hanging positions.   They don't want to auto-attach no matter what.    Even lighting devices,  they work about 1/2 the time.  

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