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Muntin Rendering Error



Windows with custom muntins don't render correctly in OpenGL.  I had assumed it was a glitch that would get corrected in v.2018, but it persists.

I have found that the muntins will disappear and reappear depending on the zoom level. 

I have checked that the muntins are indeed thicker than the glass and they are. 

Example of the same window at different zoom levels:


The glass appears to overlap the muntins.  In views where the sun is shining on the glass, the muntin will disappear almost entirely.




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On 12/3/2017 at 5:44 AM, Gadzooks said:



Interesting - Not something I was aware of.

I think a file would be useful if you could upload please.


I don't have a small file, but here's one that exhibits the error.


I've shown (3) saved views all from the same viewpoint at different zoom levels.

You'll see the muntins blink in and out depending upon the magnification.


This behavior is consistent across multiple files.



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Thanks for the file @Taproot. This is an odd one.


The saved views are consistent - in that they 'work' on my Mac - so the problem persists. But I can't seem to find a trigger action that always produces the effect.


But, I have found (weirdly) that the groundscape you have modelled seems to have some effect.


I've edited your model (deleted parts, not just switched off classes) so you can see to the other side which has similar muntin problems on the three windows. I've also pulled a copy window out from the main wall we're viewing and I've positioned it far back beyond your groundscape. (just as a test really)


Now look at the three saved views again.


'Muntins OK' - All show OK




'Muntins - Vanish' - Yes I think that is conclusive




'Muntins - Back' - Well, yes and no.

You can't see from this angle, but all three windows in wall are the same and the extra window I placed far beyond all still have problems. Nearest is fine though (?)




Now the weird bit....


Take the middle saved view where all muntins are missing and delete some your groundscape.


You have five parts on plan. There are three 'roof faces' and two 'floors'. Ive highlighted the far roof face and the nearest. (The middle one doesn't seem to action anything.) 




Deleting the far one...brings back the muntins in the nearest window.




Deleting the nearest.... brings them all back




Yes - rubbish information I know - sorry for that.


I can't find the underlying problem atm. Because - although this is straightforward it would seem - just rotating the viewing angle loses the muntins again. (**********)


Maybe you could let me know if other files you say display the same problems also have similar groundscape that can be deleted to resolve. If thats the case then maybe something to do with that?


However, I think that is an unlikely 'fix'. I think its zoom levels (as you said)



  • I think this is a bug or maybe a resolution problem with perspective turned on. Maybe the VW boffins could jump in and confirm?
  • I couldn't get this to fall over when I viewed in Orthogonal (even when I gave it some quick view changes zoom in and out to think about), so I think that possibly underlines the perspective problems.
  • Additionally, I couldn't make any connection on classes/layers/visibilities etc. so I think they are robust and don't have any bearing on this.


Perhaps someone else could have a' fresh' look.



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My goodness you went into this deep.


I have experienced this bug in multiple files.  The latest one had no ground plane objects, so I don't believe it's related.


I had suggested that the muntins 'disappear," but more accurately, it's that the glass pane visually moves in front of the muntins.

They are still there, they just look "underwater" behind the glass.  Obviously, I've checked to ensure that the muntins are thicker than (and proud of) the glass.


Your conclusions seem sound.

Hopefully the programmers can isolate the cause.



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56 minutes ago, Taproot said:

The latest one had no ground plane objects, so I don't believe it's related.


Agree - seems no logic - but weird.


56 minutes ago, Taproot said:

more accurately, it's that the glass pane visually moves in front of the muntins


Yes - z fighting - VW can't make its mind up whether glass or muntin wins. But only (I think it seems clear?) in perspective.


57 minutes ago, Taproot said:

Your conclusions seem sound.


Well - a stab in the dark (side) really. Sorry I can't offer a solution.


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