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Rounding Schedule - Windoor

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Trying to get a schedule to show the width of my glazing just for pricing purposes, so I want to round things off to the nearest 10mm. Currently, the schedule (set as a database) is pulling from the windoor objects and I have set 'user2' to the 'overall width'. I can add 'ROUND' or 'INT' but that just makes the numbers all appear as 50mm which is not even in the same ball park - do the functions not work with numbers pulled from objects.


=('WinDoor 6.0'.'__User2')

=ROUND('WinDoor 6.0'.'__User2')



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Try this:  =ROUND(VALUE('WinDoor 6.0'.'_User2')/10)*10


Here's what's going on.  The data in the field _User2 is actually text, not numeric.  So first you have to use the function VALUE to return a real number.  Then you can round it.


The trick to rounding to the nearest X is to first divide by X, then round it, then multiply by X again.



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Can you make a file with just a couple windows and the worksheet you're working on and post it?


We don't get WinDoor over here so there may be something about it that I'm unfamiliar with.


But it works on regular VW windows.


I probably have the name of the record or field incorrect.

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@michaelkI manage to get it to work. User 2 is one of the custom fields that you can specify to create custom things like door height or width x height. Since I was just after a standard one I changed the schedule to be 'Overall Width' and with your rounding formula, the numbers went to the nearest 10. Thanks for the help.

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