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Lit Fog goes through object

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Hey Gang,


I saw this question posted a while ago but never saw the final conclusion.


I am working on building a model with a number of theatrical fixtures (using spotlight 2017) lighting a car.  As it is now when I am render using Lit Fog the beam of light appears to cut through any objects that it hits instead of creating shadows or a visible pool of light.  All the textures are set to both cast and receive shadows.


I'm not sure if it is an issue with the lighting settings, the RW attributes of the lights, or the RW attributes of the texture of the objects I'm lighting.  Any help is appreciated!



Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.45.00 AM.png

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Make sure that you have "receive shadows" turned on in your Renderworks background

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Thanks for the quick reply!  Do you mean within the RW background in the resource browser?  All i see is an option to "receive shadows", which when I click seems to turn off the lit fog?


Thanks again,


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Receive shadows is correct. Turn it on and it should stop beams going through solid objects. 


You will need to re render to see the effect although it looks to me from the photo that there is no light coming from the fixture which points to a further problem. Are you using a symbol that has shipped with VW Spotlight? Post the file if you like and I could take a look.

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Ahh, so I was using a customized symbol, and it looks like I didn't have it set to the default instrument texture.  Odd that I've been using that symbol for over a year now and never noticed.




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