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Crashing Exiting a Group

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Hey there fellow drafting super-heroes...

I've done this too many times today, and it's really getting annoying. When exiting a group ('cause I was editing it) the program crashes. Every time. Different files, same problem. Trouble is, I keep forgetting this fact and automatically hit my short cut key to enter the group, then smack my forehead with a 'Doh' and watch as my file disappears. I'm saving now before I hit the exit button, so all it really is now is a 20 second detour to restart VW and I'm back in business.

But it's a bitch. So, I present this problem to you. Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix?

Dual 867 G4, OS 10.3.2, VW 10.5.1 (it happened with both the 'b' version and the latest .1 download)

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