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  1. 10.3.4 and VW 10.5.1 may not be the ideal marriage. VW runs way slower on my dual 867 now that I've gone up to 10.3.4 Could be something else slowing me down, but I haven't changed anything besides my OS.
  2. please please please!!! Class selector box that behaves like object info or the resource browser. something that can sit right beside my drawing, easily seen and selected.
  3. Upon further review, it appears the problem only exists in one file. ???????
  4. OK, tried repairing permissions, but the problem still exists. Any other ideas?
  5. Petri! Thanks a lot. This is something thats been bugging me for years. cheers...
  6. Hey there fellow drafting super-heroes... I've done this too many times today, and it's really getting annoying. When exiting a group ('cause I was editing it) the program crashes. Every time. Different files, same problem. Trouble is, I keep forgetting this fact and automatically hit my short cut key to enter the group, then smack my forehead with a 'Doh' and watch as my file disappears. I'm saving now before I hit the exit button, so all it really is now is a 20 second detour to restart VW and I'm back in business. But it's a bitch. So, I present this problem to you. Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix? Dual 867 G4, OS 10.3.2, VW 10.5.1 (it happened with both the 'b' version and the latest .1 download)
  7. So the data pane's the only way to access record information and there is no way to split the Object Info Palette. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
  8. For example, I've got a door reference marker symbol. I've linked some formatted text and use the "Data" pane to change the door numbers in different instances of the symbol. I'm just lazy, I suppose, but I could see myself using this feature (linking text to records in symbols) quite a bit if it was a little more accessible.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to split the object info palette into two separate palettes, "Shape" and "Data". I have a lot of record references to symbols and it is annoying having to switch Obj. Info all time. Ideas?
  10. I get the same response after printing 5 or 6 times in a row. VW displays that warning and the print dialogue box loses features. Restart and no problem. 10.2.8, 10.5
  11. I'm a little hesitant to upgrade to OSX 10.2.8 after the last time I updated to it VW flowed like maple syrup in January. Anybody running this yet, and is it working well?
  12. Is there a way to export all the class names in a drawing to a text file? Maybe a VectorScript or something?
  13. Yup, 10.1.2 is a lot slower in OS 10.2.8. Wish I could go back....
  14. I have an arc that is drawn with a radius of 22m. When printing at a scale of 1:100, on 11x17, no problems. When printing at 1:5 on said 11x17, the arc dissapears. Circles stop showing up as well. This is going to be a problem as the building we are working on takes a large 45? arching turn in the middle. Anyone seen this before? OS 10.2.6, VW 10.1.2
  15. Thanks, It is a Type 1 font. Works fine if I print to file (pdf) and then plot the pdf. The funny thing is I use other Type 1 fonts that work fine with VW. Ah well, no worries...
  16. I have been having very similar problems to the ones mentioned before with not being able to print, VW 10.1 OSX 10.2.4, but to a Fiery PS printer. It seems the problem was in the font I was using, a version of News Gothic. Any file with this font displayed would not print. When I changed the font to a system font, like Geneva, the files print just fine. Just thought I'd pass that along, and if anyone knows why this is happening, please let me know!
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