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I am working in Vectorworks 2013 on a file imported from a DWG format and I can't get the text to remain visible, regardless of what font I set the text to.  If I edit a dimension or a text block, it might stay visible for a moment, but minutes later, everything disappears. I have used the "custom modification" tool to select all text, I have set the class attributes to visible colors, all classes are turned on, and I have used "Font Book" to "validate" my font files.


Enclosed file:

"Untitled 2" shows my drawing with the font recently set to "Helvetica", which ought to be one of the most commonly used fonts.

"Untitled 3" shows the same drawing a few moments later with none of the text visible...

Untitled 2.pdf

Untitled 3.pdf

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Strange.  Does the text just blink out?  Visible one moment, then, with no clicks or other actions, it just vanishes?  Is this happening in design layer? or sheet layer? or both?


Some thoughts:

•Saved views? If you switch to a saved view, the class settings of the drawing all change to the saved view settings. The text class could be off in the saved view.


•Font mapping trouble during import?


 •vwx v2013 might not be supported by your MacOS. eg, not sure if v2013 works well in Sierra.


•The dwg objects imported at a great distance from the vwx drawing origin?


• Test in a new blank vwx drawing. Copy/paste some of the problem text near the origin of the new drawing. Also in this new drawing, test whether new text created by the vwx text tool stays visible.


•Post the test file on this forum thread.


•Try a system restart.


OK, that's just a bunch of long shots.  Post back with more info or a sample problem file.



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Thank you for all your suggestions. It is something to do with Vectorworks 2013 on Os 10.6.8. I dealt with it a while ago and am trying to find my notes...

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