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Realistic Road/Grading Tools ??



Using Landmark for about two months now and running up against what seem to be software limitations. 


Are there tools in Landmark for creating complex roads/paths with custom profiles, ie various curb and crown profiles? This is a HUGE must for modern day landscape architects. 


More specifically, we need to be able to create roads with stations such as in the polyline road tool, but with the editability of the nurbs road tool. We also need vertical curve/alignment controls. 


The problems with current tools:

-non-realistic relationship to site model/grading and lack of vertical curve controls

-lack of profile controls, ie crown and curb/gutter profiles

-lack of customizability and accuracy. We need to be able to create a road with various stations at varied elevations with various curband gutter profiles and customize turning radii at junctions.

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100% agree. We have found some creative uses for the NURBS Road tool to essentially create complex vertical curve profiles for roads, sidewalks, swales and really anything curving both horizontally and also vertically. 


As brought up though, this is not done with the horizontal accuracy needed. NURBS as objects don't seem to have the inherent properties necessary to define precise curve and tangent layouts for roads.

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Would ask that any improvements to the roads tolls be made available to Architect and Landmark. Have mentioned in previous posts that the ability to define  filled polylines as roads would allow complex road geometries to be formed - similar to the 'create a slab' from 'create objects from shapes' but please remove the need to have pavements etc. just allow us to create the road with narrowing / widening, spaces for parking cars etc.. If we want to add a pavement or footpath - we could create it as a separate road object.


Please please for the next release as none of the roads tools are of any use for creating anything but the most basic of shapes.


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