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New Laptop with Sierra - 2016 Crashing



I just got a new macbook pro, which of course comes with Sierra pre-installed.  I restored everything from a Time Machine backup and VW 2017 is fine, but 2016 (the one I REALLY, REALLY need) crashes immediately after the "2017 Is Available" message.  FWIW 2015 does the same thing.


I did a reinstall which did not help.


Any ideas?

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@AndyM- Thinking about this a little more, if you migrated your user account from your old computer to your new computer via Time Machine that might be causing *some* of Vw 2016's problems with Sierra. Vw does not like migrated user accounts, for whatever reason. (See this related thread about corrupted user accounts).


I would try completely deleting Vw 2016 (again) including all of your Vw user account settings, restart, and create a brand new OS user account. Login to that new OS user account and reinstall Vw2016 and then see if it continues to crash.

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AndyM - Do you have some news about running vw 2016 on the new MacBook Pro with Sierra? I got the same problem, but the trick with turned off wifi doesn't help.

Could it be that the pb comes from renderworks? Because a colleague is using vw2016 (architect) on sierra as well and on his older MacBook Pro it just works fine. 


Any ideas to get Vectorworks/Renderworks 2016 running on the new MacBook Pro with sierra ??

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We have a few of the newest models here and are testing this internally to try and see whats going on. So far we have been able to replicate the crash on any of the MacBook Pro models that include a TouchBar. Disabling wifi helps in most cases but even when it does there can still be instability in some of the dialogs that include preview windows. Engineering is tracking it now but no news yet.

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