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KB Article / How to Repair Corrupt user account on Mac OS

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I am currently having problems in Vw2016 that are being caused by a corrupt user account (problems that I did not have in Vw2015 with the same user account).

I found this VwKB article on upgrading your Operating System, but clicking on the link on how to repair the original account (quoted below) takes me to a page that says 'Authorization Required'.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Corrupted user account:

Upgrading your operating system via Apple's migration tool can sometimes result in a corrupt user account. This can be confirmed if you can not launch Vectorworks after migrating to a new OS in your original user account, but are able to launch it in a newly created user account. Steps for creating a new account can be found here.

In some cases it is possible to repair the original account, steps for attempting this can be found here.

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I finally tried your suggested fix from that CNET article but it did not fix my corrupted user account.

I also tried to 'Reset Home Folder permissions and ACLs Errors' as suggested elsewhere, but that did not fix it either.

At some point I'll have to create a new user account and manually migrate my documents and settings over. Sigh...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sorry about that. User Account issues on Mac are rally hard (or just impossible) to diagnose. Odds are there is some weird .plist or pref file somewhere causing all the trouble, but theres no real way to pinpoint it. I've been trying to find a method for nearly a decade and the best I can offer is still limited to effectively hitting it with a hammer.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It happens to lots of applications really, but of course here it will be mainly users of Vectorworks sharing specifics. When I worked Apple support we had UAcc problems all the time for Mail, iChat and Stickies for some reason. Worked fine in a new one but totally stalled in an older one, even some that had never migrated between OS versions, never figured it out even having Apples engineering support directly.

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