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Sloped, Top and Bottom/Trapezoidal Windows


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There is a sloped window option, but as far as I can tell only the top of the window slopes. Is there a way to slope both the head and the sill of the window? In the attached file, the windows would go in the wall above the gable roof and below the shed roof.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Sloped:Trapezoidal Windows.png

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The window object by itself does not have the option you are looking for. 


The alternative/work around is to create a symbol of the windows you want and check the Use Symbol Geometry option in the General tab of the Window Settings Dialog box. That way the object will still be a "Window" for scheduling purposes, but can have whatever geometry you need.


Probably the easiest way to generate the symbol is to insert a window in the drawing with a sloped header and convert that to a group. Edit the group to look like you need and then convert that to a symbol. Or you can draw the symbol from scratch if you don't need all the Window Object options.

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