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Pipe Run - editing Materials list? IFC??

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I am using the Pipe Run tool in VW2017 and would like to edit & expand the items listed in the Material:  drop down of the OIP for the pipe runs I created.

I tried going into the "IFC..." dialogs (from bottom of OIP) and digging around there but did not find what I was looking for.


VW2017 online help explains Pipe Run tools but makes no mention of how to customize Materials list.


Where do I edit the list of Materials for this tool?


Thanks in advance.

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No guarantees as I don't know if the Piping Run tool does anything else with the information (like check for valid sizes), but it appears you can edit the material choices in the pop-up by:


Go to Tools:Plug-ins:Plug-in Manager


Go to the Built-in Plug-ins tab and scroll to select the Piping Run tool. Click Customize


Go to the Parameters tab. Select the Material field. Click Edit.


From the Edit dialog box click the Choices button and edit the list as you see fit.


You should definitely make a backup of your VW installation first and you should probably try it after the changes on a new blank document, not one that you have been working on for 6 months and have a major submittal this afternoon.

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