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Importing SketchUp model for export to stl


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I think Sketchup Models are internally only Meshes also.


If a Mesh in VW is ok (closed, no double Faces)

you can use Push Pull to pull a Face out a bit and back in => Generic Solid

That is the only way I know to convert a Mesh into anything useful.

You can go into the Mesh Group and repair faces manually before.

these are just independent 3D Polys in a Group.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I was not able to find a clean quick path from 3DWarehouse to STL using just Vectorworks, my focus was 3D printing. However, Sketchup is able to export to Collada .DAE and the slicers I use for printing were able to open that format natively (Cura is what I used at the time.)


If you need an STL specifically however, you can also export from the free Sketchup to DAE, then import into the free MeshLab (I use this for a bunch of things) and then export to STL natively.



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Thanks guys. It was the process of going from Su to VW and then exporting to STL. I appreciate you can print direct from Su as there is an STL extension but it was the process of using VW that I was after.


Unfortunately the meshes are complex and would take a while to push pull and would probably result in a big mess.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can import SKP to Vectorworks and then export OBJ for printing as well, depending on your slicer, most of them will STL and OBJ and a few others these days. But no, I know of no easy way to modify meshes yet. I keep pushing for a way to convert them to solids in Vectorworks natively.

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