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We are trying to connect Vision to MA-Net2 with a dongle.


Works fine when all on same PC using loopback and onPC - all parameters available.


Using sACN, MA-Net2 is limited by parameter count. In our case we have as many MA2 Lights as we could ask for, which only grant 4096 parameters even when in the same network. Can't get our hands on an NPU and this is time sensitive, unfortunately.


When using a real MA2 session with consoles, Vision does not respond to an MA2 session that is not the loopback. We can connect our onPC on the Vision computer to the network, but Vision itself won't respond to DMX from MA2-Net. Switch back to Loopback and it all works.


Any ideas?







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Yeeee Haw!!


Solved it. Look in Windows Defender Firewall... Allow An App...


It's called "loader" (lowercase, just like that) but if you click on Details you will see that it is actually in the Vision folder, so I enabled this mystery "loader" and all of a sudden... it works!


Of course we figure things out as soon as we have asked for help... But hopefully this will help someone else!!






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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It should just be a case of setting the console to output either Artnet or sACN using one of the gigabit port to the the computer running Vision. Personally I find it often helps to use a simple passive switch between the console and computer as it makes the networking a bit easier.

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