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P Retondo

Change line endpoints in OIP


There's a 3-dot depiction of a line in the OIP, and if you click on the endpoint dots you will see the coordinates X and Y.  I can believe I've never noticed this because I don't think I've ever tried it in all the years using VW, but if you modify a coordinate for the endpoint of a line in v2016, the WHOLE line moves, not just the endpoint.  Is this new behavior with v2016?  Does it make sense to anyone?  Seems like if we want to move the line, there are other ways to do that, but to be able to change the coordinates of the endpoints individually would be very useful - but not possible as things now stand.  Is this WAD (working as designed)?  A bug?  Would it be a desired feature, if not a bug, to be able to edit the endpoints individually, like we do with a polygon?

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It's always worked like that. Or, if not always, for a very long time.


You can do what you are talking about with polygons and polylines.  In the OIP change the Move pull down to Vertex Only.  Then use the Vertex arrow and dot buttons to change / highlight a vertex.  Now you can enter a value or computation for X and/or Y in the fields below that.


Good idea to add that to the wishlist for lines. 





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