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Automated occupancy calculations

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Good evening everyone, 

I have a question regarding the space tool. With the latest version of vectorworks - some issues regarding space tools have been drastically improved - like the custom locations of boundaries for the space tool.

I started playing around with it, and I have a question for everyone regarding it. There is a string inside the space tool called "formula" that allows for calculations to be done between two strings so long as there are hashtags around them. I.E. =#GrossArea#/#OccupantLoad# returns a calculation that can be displayed inside the symbol. I am attaching a sample file here. Is the formula string the only string that allows for this to be done? or is there a way to turn on a regular text string to use multiple formulas in one symbol. The reason for this is when calculating day care spaces for example, there need to be multiple displayed factors shown on the plans inluding occupancy for kids, number of security guards, teachers, etc... that requires multiple calculations. Could anyone help please??

Thanks in advance!


*note : some of you might not have vw 2017, i'm attaching v2016 inside as well.

occupancy calculation test.vwx

occupancy calculation test v2016.vwx

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I saw this post after the post asking about the file from the old forum.

Looks like you almost have it.

If the scripting is a barrier, you can also just do all of this using a worksheet.  Have a column that does the calculations and a column that links to a user field.  Copy the calculation column and paste into the user field column.  

That's essentially what the script was doing.



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