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Kevin McAllister

Marionette 2017 Sliders

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I really like the functionality of the new Slider node in Vectorworks 2017. It has a good amount of flexibility. Here are a few examples of it used for Angle (-90 to +90 range), Angle (1-360 range) and Percent (0-100).

(@MarissaFis there a trick to putting an arrow marker onto one end of a line in Marionette? I thought it would be easy using the Attributes node but that doesn't work. Searching around I couldn't easily find a way to do it....)


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 9.55.08 PM.png


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@Patrick WinklerThanks for the info.... unfortunately I get a error message when clicking the file link.

@MarissaFThanks to you as well. It turns out the Rotate Line node doesn't actually rotate a line. It rotates a copy of a line or technically draws a new line which means any attributes given to the original line don't transfer....... this might be worth updating in its description. Remember before when you were asking about nodes that don't seem user friendly. I'd list the Set Object Marker as one of them. It creates a weird shape by default that looks like two arrow markers squished together at one end and it made me think I was doing something completely wrong. Ideally its default values would be set up so that it creates a simple arrow marker without having any values connected to it. I'd suggest the Style default should be 0 and the Angle default should be 15. It's the default angle that creates the strange marker that confused me. For the wish list it would also be great if it gave you the option of "both" ends in the dropdown.


How it works now.....

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 8.03.32 AM.png

Ideally how easy it should be to get a basic marker

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 8.04.26 AM.png

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