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I know this is maybe not the place but I can't seem to get any help or info?

I'm on a mac os 10.2.2 trying to print on a printer connected to a pc. I can connect to the pc but i don't see any printers in the print manager and when i try to add i don't know where to find the ip address or if that's even what i need to do.

Thanks for any help


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Hi Marc,

First you will need to install a driver (in your machine) for the printer in question. Then you should be able to go to the print center and click on "add printer", select network (ip or appletalk) printing, and the print center should (hopefully) find the printer.

I hope this helps!


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First I would recommend updating to 10.2.6.

When you are in Print Center, hold down the option key when clicking "Add Printer." This will enable the "Advanced" option in the next pull-down sheet. Select "Advanced" and then try the "Windows Printer via SAMBA" You will need to know the path to the printer. I believe that the url sytax is "smb://Server_Name/Share_Name" If you do a google search for "print center samba printing" you will find several links with additional info.

Peter is correct, of course, in that you will still need to have a driver for the printer. If is isn't a supported postscript printer or one that has a native mac driver then you should be able to get a driver by downloading and installing gimp-print.

Good luck.

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