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Access to symbols in Default Files

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I created a node in the attached file called "GetExternalSymbol"

You'll be required to enter the full path to the file location as well as the name of the symbol you want to use.

This can be changed, if you want, we can make it more custom later.

A note on your path - based on your machine, you may have to normalize the path. The path in my example is windows based, you are required to do double slashes (//) instead of singular, due to escape characters in python.

Mac may be more difficult. If you need it, I'll look into it and get back to you soon.

Please let me know if you need any help with this.

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Thank you so much for your quick response. Wether you know it or not, You have been my hero through my whole experience with marionette so far. I have been living on the forum for many weeks now. Almost there!! I am on a Mac Pro and I have attached a screen shot of my results.

I have taken one of the get symbols out of the network until I resolve what is happening.

Path string is /Users/robertdiekmann/Desktop/Test Symbol/SYMBOL TEST.vwx

symName is Red Cir

The screenshot shows that I receive a popup that look as if it is location points or it may have something to do with something more internal to the reference file . When i resolve that with OK. I get my results just fine.

Is there a way not to have this popup?

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You ROCK! I am loving Marionette to death right now, as I have been able to cut hours out of my drawings with automating so many routines. I am sure I will be in touch. Thanks again.

Now here's someone we need to hear more from, could you share some of your ideas and networks please so that we can learn from.

I noticed the Offset Poly node, Cant find this in my standard library.

Maybe looking in wrong location or maybe its one posted.

But thanks got it now.

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Just starting to get my feet wet with Marionette and finding out you can teach an old dog new tricks. I can't take the credit for the offset node, I found it along the many hours of scanning this forum. I hope that you will be hearing more from me. This forum and the networks shared here have given me and users the ability to learn from others on our own time. I find it very hard to find formal education on a schedule that works for me and my family. I hope Nemetschek and other users keep this going.

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