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Rotation of objects on a nurbs curve

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I have a string of lights and am able to rotate all the lights at once but my aim is to be able to rotate each one separately, much like you do with changing the vertex of a poly by index. Is this possible?

Get each point is ok but getting to the object attached to that point is the burning question.

Again assistance gratefully accepted.

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Ok thanks,

Still thinking...... How can I single out in say a dropdown menu each light by typing in the light number and then all the controls relate to that light will be able to be controlled specifically?

Been looking at the IF node and the List (Ordered) and trying to find another one called "Container" that follows the list but cant find it.

If I split the network I can control each light but when I change to the another light the previous one reverts back.


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So The control is there for each light but its quite cumbersome and you get a long scroll down to change each light.

Maybe use lists to change around ???

At least its good because you can change the geometry to rearrange the light track.

More thinking.

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