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Sheet Layer Reordering

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Not sure if this is what you are seeing, but in Navigation and Organization Palettes Sheet Layer tabs, the list of sheet layers sorts according to which column header is clicked.

Click the Sheet Number header box and the list of sheet layers will sort with highest sheet number at top, click the box again and sheet layer with lowest number appears at top of list. Or click the Sheet Title header to sort them alphabetically, or the # header to sort the list according to stacking order.

v2016 MacOS doesn't color fill the selected header box, but a little carrot after the column name (up or down) indicates which column is in use.

This is same for the columns in the other tabs.



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Thank you for chiming in. I did go to the organization palette to sort sheet layers by name (at your suggestion) and that was what I wanted. However, when I used the layer pull down menu they were still sorted in some sort of arbitrary manner. When I returned to the organization palette the sheets were reorganized in the same arbitrary manner.

I am going to pin this on Project Sharing. This is our first project using project sharing and I am running in to a few real time killers. :(

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I think the menu bar pulldowns for Layer & Class always show the lists sorted by stacking order. To apply the alphabetical order in the pulldowns, reorder the stack order in Org or Nav palette.


Is there a way to change sorting of the lists displayed in the menu bar dropdowns?

This could be a good wish if not currently available: Menu Bar has choices for sort order.

Note that Org and Nav palettes sort independently of each other.


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