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Moving a Worksheet


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I placed a worksheet on my drawing using ..

hW := CreateWSImage (GetObject ('Schedule'), 0, 0);

I would like to place it as follows ..

hW := CreateWSImage (GetObject ('Schedule'), 200 - (Width of WS), 200);

which will be inside the drawing border at the top right.

Since the WS reference point is top left then I need to move it Width(WS) to the left of the border.

How do I work out the width of the WS??

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Haven't tried this, but maybe have a look at


            worksheet    :HANDLE;
            VAR top      :INTEGER;
            VAR left     :INTEGER;
            VAR bottom   :INTEGER;
            VAR right    :INTEGER);

worksheet		HANDLE		Handle to worksheet.
top		INTEGER		X-coordinate of top left corner of worksheet window.
left		INTEGER		Y-coordinate of top left corner of worksheet window.
bottom		INTEGER		X-coordinate of bottom right corner of worksheet window.
right		INTEGER		Y-coordinate of bottom right corner of worksheet window.

Calculate width from those variables.

Then HMove(handle_to_worksheet, width, 0) ?

or After it's placed you could maybe use HWidth(handle_to_worksheet) to get width



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With much hope I tried the idea twk but alas to no avail.

GetWSPlacement is another non-operational function.

procedure test;


hW1 : handle;

t1, l1, b1, r1 : real;


hW1 := CreateWS ('testWS', 5, 5);

hW1 := CreateWSImage (GetObject ('testWS'), 0, 0);

GetWSPlacement (hW1, t1, l1, b1, r1);

Message (t1, ' ', l1, ' ', b1, ' ', r1);

SelectObj ((T = 56));


MoveObjs (l1 - r1, 100, false, false);



run (test);

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My Bad, the description in the Wiki says :

Returns the on-screen location of the referenced worksheets' window.

Which looks like it is the window of the worksheet when opened. Not sure why you'd ever need to know that.

However in your script above, you can get the width of the placed worksheet by using HWidth.

widthPlacedWS := HWidth(hW1)

then use this to move your placed worksheet using HMove

HMove(hW1, widthPlacedWS, 0)



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