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Alan Woodwell

Move & Rotate-Animated

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I think from a limited programmers perspective this helps me understand all the Sequence, List and Range nodes. I may be wrong but I see the computer looping through the network until the range etc tells it to stop. So by animating the process I see this happening.

If this is the case thens it help to understand the logic behind the more complicated network.

Maybe this can help others to understand the process.

Or someone can tell me No doesn't work like that.

Just run this as you open it don't zoom in or rotate, just click on and run.

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You are right that in this case (and in most others following this example) a loop is running. There are some other obscure times where the lists could be used in a different way that would not result in a loop, but those (so far, to my knowledge) would be more rare.

It's perfectly acceptable to think in terms of looping in this example. Great demonstration!

Maybe at some point I can get a detailed description of what exactly is going on in this example, and provide a case where the behavior would be different.

Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks, From my limited programming experience I remember nested loops, so really trying to understand how each node works allows me and everyone to place the nodes correctly and in the correct sequence to get the outcome I want.

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