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Window / Door tools - Masonry Openings

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Hello -

VWA 2016 - Mac

I could swear that this was possible in the past, but I can't seem to figure it out in VWA 2016.

I am using the window and door tools to place them in a solid masonry wall with a 6" component (clay tile) and 4" component (brick veneer). At the window and door jambs, I would like the interior frame dimension (and the interior masonry opening) to be 40" and the exterior masonry opening to be 42". That is, I would like the exterior masonry opening to read 1" wider than the interior masonry opening at the jambs.

In past version, I could swear that I would just add and "exterior trim" to the window / door and the exterior masonry opening would automatically increase to the extents of the trims. It was a long time back, and perhaps I'm not remembering exactly how I accomplished what I'm after, but I'm certain that it was possible.

Any tips?

Thanks -


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Thanks, bcd -

The Shim Gap suggestion gets a little closer to what I'm after, but the interior masonry opening remains the same as the exterior masonry opening.

What do you mean by "Components and the little component handle dragger in Top/Plan view"? I can't seem to activate any handles around the window jambs.

Thanks again -


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Way cool that I found this post, I've have complained how the jamb options for the door & windows did not allow this adjustment, like for a typical brick mold on a wood framed wall with brick veneer. I would love to know how many designers use the splay exterior or interior wall detail.

But it does not allow the same adjustment to the window head. Dag, I thought the finally had it!

I would also like to be able to change the trim out to a polygon provide of your choosing.

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