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OpenGL Tiles in 3d

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Is it me, or has the 3d tiles function been eliminated from Vectorworks Architect 2016 without Renderworks? In Vectorworks 2015 (without Renderworks), if I were to extract a surface, I could still apply a 3d tile to it, view the 3d tile in 3d and if i wanted to view it in a viewport, - if i check the view planar objects checkbox.

In Vectorworks 2016, I can no longer add tiles to a nurbs surface or view it in 3d (if I do not have Renderworks). Is this a bug? or something that was eliminated from the previous version?

Thank you in advance.

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In Vw2016 I can apply a Tile fill to a Rectangle or Polygon rotated into a 3D plane and the Tile fill shows up in OpenGL, but an extracted NURBS surface will not take a Tile fill. But this is also how it behaves in Vw2015. No difference.

(This is assuming that by '3D tile' you're referring to Tile fills, and not 3D Hatches).

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NURBS surfaces can not have Tile fills in any version that I am aware of. 3D hatches as suggested above is more likely, but that would have required Renderworks in 2015 as well as 2016, since it is accomplished as a component of Renderworks Textures.

2D Polygons can have Tile fills and would show up in OpenGL however, if that was perhaps what you were recalling?

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Hm, that's strange.

I used the same exact process as I did with VW 15.

Take a regular wall, extract surface - apply tile.

In VW 15 it works, in VW 16 it does not. I however have not checked if the extracted surface was a nurbs surface or a polygon. I checked that in 16 it is a nurbs surface, but will double check in 15 once more.

I know VW in 16 also uses new worksheet reference commands, so that could have changed as well. Will give an update tomorrow, for today Im taking on the famous ARE exam ;)

Thank you!

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Ok, just verified. In 2015 - If i do extract surface to NURBS - you are correct - it doesn't show anything. But my extract surface tool was configured to creating 'planar objects' while my VW 2016 was not. By creating planar objects - it creates a polygon along the surface of the geometry instead of a nurbs surface - which in turn can be hatched. If I do the same in 2016, it does the same exact thing.

Thank you for your help!

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