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Although I have used VW / RW since MiniCad, recent "enhancement" features have caused additional steps to be required. Some where there were none needed in the past. I experience this when I cut and paste in place and get a result that is not as expected. (Please see the attachment) I assume I am not in control of the Working Plane(s)?

1. Original item was a Group with a Hybrid Symbol inside.

2. Part of the group should have been an integral part of the Symbol.

3. As drawn, it was in the correct XYZ position (a pair of oval feet) (1)

4. Top / Plan View

5. Select and Edit the group,

6. Select the two "Ovals" and cut.

7. Select and Edit the Symbol

(The Symbol remains it the exact same position and orientation)

8. Paste in place …

9. Ovals are now off to one side. Not as expected with paste in place. (2)

10. Undo

11. Select the top center of the Symbol with the cursor "click"

12. Paste

13. Ovals are now positioned as expected.

14. Exit Symbol

15. Select Saved Perspective View

16. Check that … Oval are now half way up the side (Z) from where they should be. (3)

17. Edit Symbol

18. Front View

19. Select Ovals

20. Manually move ovals down into original position.

21. Exit Symbol

22. Allset


A. Should "Paste in Place" work in all three directions as I feel it should ?

B. Is there a way to "lock" the working plan to the ground plane, even if you switch to a front or side view?

C. Is there a way to have 3D symbols stay on the ground plane, or move automatically down to the ground plane? (i.e.: Gravity?)

Suggestions on what to do different ?

Thanks in advance


MacBook Pro Retina

OSX 10.8.5

VW / RW 2013 P5 (Build 208827)

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From the Vw2015 help file:

The Paste in Place command works exactly like the Paste command, except that the clipboard contents are pasted into the active drawing at the same coordinates (relative to the user origin) from which they were copied. When you paste to a sheet layer, remember that each sheet layer has its own user origin, which may be different from the origin of the layer where the object was copied (see Internal Origin and User Origin for details).

Answer A: When you're pasting in place inside symbols, you are pasting into the symbol at the same coordinates from which they were copied. It's a bit confusing, but that's how it works.

The most predictable way to paste in place inside symbols is to always create your symbols at the 0,0 internal origin.

Answer B: Yes, if you go Window > Palettes > Working Plane, you will get a palette showing all of your working planes, most likely there is only one: 'Active Layer Plane'. Now if you switch to a Front or Right view and double-click on 'Active Layer Plane' on the Working Plane palette, you'll be 'locked' on the active layer plane.

Answer C: No, there is no 'gravity' inside Vw. If you are working with a Site Model, you can send objects to surface. But there is not a 'Drop to Floor' command (I believe it has been wishlisted though). If you create your 3D symbols so that the bottom of the symbol is on the active layer plane, the OIP will show the Z height of the symbol relative to the active layer plane. Then you can look at the OIP for a selected symbol and see if it is sitting on the floor.

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On a similar note … In a perspective view, should one be able to duplicate and manually move a symbol, or even a simple extrude, and have it remain on the Active Layer Plane?

As an example, (see attached) when I place a 3D Symbol, in a perspective view, it appears to "float" across the floor (i.e.: the Active Layer Plane) maintaining perspective, until I double click. After this symbol is placed, manually moving it, does NOT keep it " on the Active Layer Plane". Holding the shift key restrains it in one direction, but not the others. - Still Puzzled - Peter

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Much appreciated … It appear that selection inconsistencies in VW have long thrown the process off. Example: Created a rectangle as a Layer Plane Object. It manually moves correctly in a perspective view, with the basic Selection Tool. 3d selection tool not required. Rotate the Layer Plane Object and it manually moves correctly in a perspective view, with the basic Selection Tool. Even if you make this Layer Plane Object into a Symbol. it manually moves correctly in a perspective view, with the basic Selection Tool.

Just don't add a third dimension - Thanks again - Peter

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