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Josh Schulman

Crashing when editting

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I have a large symbol library that I use and I haver had a consistent problem with 2016. I go to my library and import the fixtures that I need to use for the drawing, never mind that now I need to import the fixtures from my master library instead of just having them selected, and when I do, most of the unit disappears. I have looked in classes thinking that one of them is turned off to no avail. When I select the symbol and attempt to edit the 2d component, the program crashes. I do not like the stock symbols that are in VW which is why I use the ones that I have created. Don't even get me started on the new forced workflow of the instrument selection tool. It is slow and cumbersome at best.

The last update was useful but please, can we get another to address theses stability issues?

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Please contact tech support directly.

They will probably need to look at your file and the crash logs in order to identify the issue.

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