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Worksheet database & PDF reference problems

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Hello everyone,

Another problem here with worksheets. In VW 2015 any options that were referenced by worksheets in a database had the possibility of being changed remotely by using the referenced worksheet entry. In other words - say you had a 2 hour rated wall, and wanted to call out all walls of the same type back to 1 hour, you could do so via worksheet database reference. Could anyone please confirm this is not the case anymore in VW 2016? The entries now are just greyed out, and cannot be modified using the worksheets. If so, could this be revised? It was a very useful function. I Just want to make sure it's not me.

Also, might have mention this in another post, but not sure how to submit a bug report - but the curtain wall problem with the callouts - also is a problem with calling out curtain wall information in the worksheets as well. Just wanted to make sure it could get to Nemetschek properly.

Last but not least - I have noticed very sluggish behavior when referencing pdf files in sheet layers in VW 2016 that doesn't happen in VW 2015. Also something to look into.

Thank you in advance!!


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Click the 'Bug Submit' link on the right side of this page, under Vectorworks Community Links below the Search Box.

The first time you click might give an 'Oops an Error Occurred' page, just go back and click it again.

It's a pain, but you might want to submit separate bug reports for each issue, unless they appear directly related.

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