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VW10.1 / OS 9.2.2 PRINTING SCALE ?

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we are now running VW 10.1 on OS 9.2.2 on various G4 macs, and printing to a HP 2500, and Canon 1180...

what is happening is that some drawings ar printing out at the totally wrong scale... you can set up an A! to go to the plotter, double check all the settings and then it pirnts A4, and conversly you can set up an A4 print and what comes out is A4 but just a corner of the drawings blown up...

anyone got any ideas ???

as far as i know we are using the latest drivers, and the problem doesn't doesn't always happen, onyl with some files...

i could send you a file to see if you have any more luck than we do...



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Go to File Page Setup and ensure you have the correct page size selected.

Then go to the Page Menu and select Set Print Area.

Make sure this is set to ONE PAGE and you have not changed the width or height. These two settings will be a little smaller than the actual page size to allow for margin difference.

Go to File>Page Setup.

Select VectorWorks from the drop down box that has Page Attributes.

Check to make sure the scaling is set to 100%.

Then go to File Print.

In the drop down box that has printing options, select VectorWorks.

Make sure you do NOT have Print Current View check marked.

Having this checked, the print out will print whatever you see on the current page, zoomed out and all.

Make sure scaling is set to 100% in the print dialog box also.

After checking all of these settings, if it still prints the wrong size, please include all the settings you have for the above mentioned items.

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thanks for such a quick response however i had already double-checked everything that you suggested....

basically all the dialogue boxes are set to default ir unchecked... its set to print 100 %, and full page....

any other ideas... i will email more details if needed... do you want to know whats in every single dialogue box ?



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Did you check to see if you have print current view checked?

What version of Carbon Library do you have installed?

Is this problem happening with the Cannon or the HP or both?

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yes, i checked that print current view is NOT checked (is that right?)...

it happens differently on the different machines... the Canon seems to blow up a section, while the HP seems to print the file at A4 rather than A1....

we are on Carbon Library 1.6....

for some reason as i said before it is not happening on all the machines, and all teh drawings on one machine... i can't find the pattern...

good luck


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Hi Katie,

As you are aware, we are having printing problems running VW 10.1 on Mac OS 9.2.2 - though not this scaling one.

David, I have noticed that frequently the scaling box defaults to something other than 100% [79% often] - and that using Microspot's Macplot HP-GL/2 there are actually 2 scaling options in the Page Setup window. One for Macplot and one for VW.


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just to add some more information we are printing through laserwriter 8, and using appleshare IP 6.3.3

we did use MacPlot for a whil on an old plotter but not any more... the scales its printing to are either really obvious (A4 instaed of A1) or totally arbitrary...



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We have also been experiencing a similar scale of printing issue on an OS9.2.2 machine since upgrading from VW8 to VW10. It is happening printing to a HP1055.

An A1 drawing, the print box looks set correctly on screen, Scale in Page Setup is 100% : but it prints at A3 size on the A1 paper.

I will try and print from another machine and get some more details.

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To expand on the problem...

Printing the drawing at 100% prints a small copy in the corner of the page.

Printing at 99% or at 101% prints correctly.

Scaling down to smaller paper size using 50% scale prints correctly.

The problem only occurs printing at 100% scale.

Note : The correct objects are being printed, just at the wrong scale. (Items inside the Print Area rectangle on screen are printed shrunk down, items outside the Print Area rectangle are not printed).

This is happening at A1 on a Hp1055CM and also at A3 on HP Laserjet 8150DN.

I have tried printing from 3 computers - running OS9.0.4, OS9.1 and OS9.2.2, all with CarbonLib1.6. All show the problem.

It is happening in more than 1 drawing. It would not be such a problem if it was 37% that does not work, but 100% scale is obviously quite important!

I can send an example file if it will be a help to diagnose problem.

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Are the various versions of Adobe PS installed on all of the computers?

If so .. that may be the problem. The latest version, 8.7 should be the only one of the computer and should be used for all the printers.

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I upgraded one machine to Adobe PS8.8 (which seemed to be the latest version on the Adobe web site rather than 8.7).

This seemed to fix our scale problem when using the Adobe driver.

I'll try and look at the Laserwriter driver next, see if I get that working too.

Thanks for your help. [Cool]

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