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  1. We use macs running MacOS 9.2.2 and MacOS 10.5.3, all with VW 10.5.1. Workgroup refs work just fine in both directions for us.
  2. Peter, Seems to happen consistently here for us, and often first thing in the morning at start of the working day. One of my colleagues regularly starts by opening a set of files in one go.
  3. Katie, Not seen this one referred too before? MacOS 9.2.2 and MacOS 10.2.5. Select several projects files and open together [Apple O]. VW 10.1 launches and files are opened. Front most window is ticked as active window in Windows menu but is not actually active. Any keyboard or other activity is transferred to the rear window that is out of sight.To correct, it is necessary to select another 'Active' window using the Windows menu. Whilst preparing this just now I checked the action again by launching several files into VW. Behaviour all as described above. Did an Apple Q to quit VW - nothing - Netscape had quit whilst VW appeared to be the active process. What do you think?
  4. Hi Marietta, For consistent pdf files we export from VW to eps and then process the file through Acrobat Distiller
  5. I'm using VW 10.1 and MacOS 10.2.5 on my Quicksilver at home, and the Tilaptop. Works OK
  6. Katie, In my copy of Gimp the standard paper sizes for the selected printer are listed under Page Attributes. However, by using the pull down menu the next item is Custom Paper Size. Create a new entry and set the page size to suit the VW page layout [length x height], and then use the rotate icons to suit the plotter/roll width. Skip
  7. Katie, In my copy of Gimp the standard paper sizes for the selected printer are listed under Page Attributes. However, by using the pull down menu the next item is Custom Paper Size. Set the page size to suit the VW page layout, and the rotate icons to suit the plotter. Skip
  8. Hi Katie, As you are aware, we are having printing problems running VW 10.1 on Mac OS 9.2.2 - though not this scaling one. David, I have noticed that frequently the scaling box defaults to something other than 100% [79% often] - and that using Microspot's Macplot HP-GL/2 there are actually 2 scaling options in the Page Setup window. One for Macplot and one for VW. Skip
  9. skip

    Epson 1520

    Don, For what it is worth, I use an Epson 1270 A3 plotter at home on occasions. I get a similar effect when fluff builds up around the print heads [usually the black because it leads the carriage and seems to pick up small deposits off the armature]. You could try cleaning with a double layer of clean paper as you manually slide the carriage across! Skip
  10. Kurt/aersloat, yep - we are still on Mac OS 9.2.2 in the office. Of interest though - the latest Macplot HPGL/2 [v5.1.3] does plot exactly as expected from VW 8.5.2 [colour and grey scale], for those in the office who have reverted to the earlier VW. VW 10.1 still only plots monochrome. Ergo - is the problem really with Microspot or is VW 10.1 the culprit? I still don't have a clear view on this - but I do note that Katie [VW] and Graham [Microspot] have now gone very quiet on the subject. I do use Gimp off my Powerbook and my Quicksilver G4 at home - both using MacOS 10.2. Works OK - but, SFAIAA, this is a software RIP and therefore does not give the time efficiency that we are used to from HPGL/2. Thanks for your interest. Skip
  11. Graham, Asssuming you are responding to my post, and have followed our case: Understand all that - but if it has left those already using your drivers but not using MacOS 10.x with reduced functionality - even when paying for the latest version (2002) then some grievance must be anticipated. We have upgraded from VW 8.5.2 to VW 10.1, and as a consequence had to upgrade Macplot 4.7 to 5.1.2. We are not getting the output at the plotter anticipated and Microspot (UK) says it's a NNA problem - and NNA say it's Microspot. I don't know either way - I only know that I have staff going back to VW 8.5.2! Can you explain what is happening? Skip
  12. Katie, Very helpful - I've passed this on to Microspot. Thankyou. Small [or big] question. This thread started as a question related to MacOS 10.2.4 and plotting. I was so pleased to find something close to our own problem I forgot to state that we are still on MacOS 9.2.2. Is this relevant? :~) skip
  13. Ian, Hi, we are also UK Architects and use Macplot and Raster 5.1.2 on VW 10.1, MacOS 9.2.2. Apologies for diving into your thread but we have just upgraded to VW10.1 from 8.5.2, and had to updrade Macplot from 4.7. We use an HP 1050C plotter [no PS]. We are experiencing severe problems on Macplot providing only monochrome [not even greyscale] and are having difficulty fathoming this out. You appear to get colour via Macplot albeit your want patterns to behave differently. We find Raster is fine for full colour but painfully slow for general working darwing production, when plot runs are big. can you confirm that you get the full [8] colours from HPGL/2? skip belton
  14. Katie, Sorry - I mean Microspot. skip
  15. Katie Thanks - but already checked Carbonlib. Microsoft TEch Support tell us that the problem is due to a change in VW - up to 8.5 plotting used Quickdraw, but since then it hasen't. Is that right? If so, we're stuffed! Skip


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