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    DWF files

    if you read the article in AEC magazine, it actually presents quite a good argument for dwf, and details the limitations of pdf... just because it is the standard approach doesn't mean that it is the best... dwf is smaller, and will soon be able to support 3D models... anyone who is mac based and has to deal with the majority of the rest of the deisgn community on pc, using autocad, microstation, archicad etc will know all about the problems file sharing... we are under so much pressure to change (and conform) that the only thing that might delay the inevitable is if programs like VW try and improve not only their product, but also their ability to snyc with other pc programs... dxf are a waste of time...
  2. we have found that using the latest version of Adobe PS solved most of the problems (although we now can't write .pdf files...)
  3. just to add some more information we are printing through laserwriter 8, and using appleshare IP 6.3.3 we did use MacPlot for a whil on an old plotter but not any more... the scales its printing to are either really obvious (A4 instaed of A1) or totally arbitrary... cheers david
  4. hi yes, i checked that print current view is NOT checked (is that right?)... it happens differently on the different machines... the Canon seems to blow up a section, while the HP seems to print the file at A4 rather than A1.... we are on Carbon Library 1.6.... for some reason as i said before it is not happening on all the machines, and all teh drawings on one machine... i can't find the pattern... good luck david
  5. hi... thanks for such a quick response however i had already double-checked everything that you suggested.... basically all the dialogue boxes are set to default ir unchecked... its set to print 100 %, and full page.... any other ideas... i will email more details if needed... do you want to know whats in every single dialogue box ? thanks david
  6. Hi.... we are now running VW 10.1 on OS 9.2.2 on various G4 macs, and printing to a HP 2500, and Canon 1180... what is happening is that some drawings ar printing out at the totally wrong scale... you can set up an A! to go to the plotter, double check all the settings and then it pirnts A4, and conversly you can set up an A4 print and what comes out is A4 but just a corner of the drawings blown up... anyone got any ideas ??? as far as i know we are using the latest drivers, and the problem doesn't doesn't always happen, onyl with some files... i could send you a file to see if you have any more luck than we do... cheers david
  7. dear all thanks for the reply, but i am still having problems.... when i dimension, i cannot reduce the size of the 45 degree slash used to indicate the length of the line.... i can reduce the default arrowhead, and i can reduce the dimension arrowhead slash if i ungroup the dimension, but then i lose its integrity... if i change the class default and then dimension... no change... any ideas anyone..... david ps has anyone noticed that the class window is pretty useless if you draw with a black screen
  8. does anyone know how to change the length of the 45 degree line used to indicate the length of a dimension i.e the slash arrow head style, but inside the dimension group... i can change the arrowhead default size, but this doesn't atler the one used when dimensioning.... thanks david d.woodroffe@iansimpsonarchitects.com
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